Lilith was an independently organised exhibition curated by Thomas Holland and Lydia Poole, at Safehouse, Peckham.  


It included the work of students from Central Saint Martins and The Art Academy, predominantly focusing on mythical female entities. 


Exhibited Work


Exhibition Record

This work focused on the marketing of female empowerment. Using the same language of  advertising,  of high definition photography and collaged graphic icons and product placement. The description, and action of reaching advertises an abstract and unachievable state of being, superimposed on material objects.

Why is it that women are  graduating with less self esteem than when they entered higher education (Boston University) , despite a growing number of female graduates. The pressure to overcome gender imbalances places immeasurable pressure onto women to strive to overachieve and overexert beyond human capacities.


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Other Contributing Artists:


Thomas Holland 


Lydia Poole 

Sina Frank